Data Bank


  • Since 2004, we have been offering to a unique information service on the hospital market for single-use medical devices in France.
  • The service provides detailed data on market size and structure and market shares of leading suppliers on a product by product basis.
  • The service operates by subscription. Circulation of information is restricted to subscribers exclusively.


    • The service has four major objectives:
    • to estimate the size of the hospital market for single use medical devices for each product separately with an error margin below 5%;
    • to estimate the market strucure by end-user segment for each product separately;
    • to quantify market shares of leading suppliers for each product separately;
    • to identify market trends and opportunities.

Product Coverage

Vascular access and infusion
Syringes and needles
Blood collection and transfusion
Regional and local anaesthesia
Urinary tract
Medical gloves
Thoracic drainage
Surgical drainage
Biliary drainage
ENT drainage
Vascular surgery
Respiratory tract
Hemodynamic monitoring
Digestive tract
Surgical suction
Wound healing
Swabs and compresses
Cotton and wadding
Compression and support
Dressing retention
Casting material
Care trays
Surgical drapes and packs
Protective apparel

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Hospital Coverage

All hospitals, both public and private, are covered. This includes:

  • a) public sector:
  • regional/university hospitals;
  • general hospitals;
  • local hospitals;
  • psychiatric hospitals;
  • other public hospitals.

b) private sector:

  • acute care hospitals (medicine, surgery, obstetrics-gynecology);
  • medium-stay centres;
  • long-stay centres;
  • psychiatric hospitals and other mental institutions;
  • other private establishments including dialysis centres.

  • Other categories of institutions (such as facilities for the accommodation of elderly people or the rehabilitation of disabled and handicapped people) are excluded from the scope of research.

Market Size Estimates

Market size estimates are based on a large, representative panel of end-user establishments. Analyses are performed for each category of establishment within the public and the private sectors separately.

The market size determination process is four-fold as follows:

  • a) Collection of consumption data from end-users;
  • b) Data encoding;
  • c) Data analysis and interpretation;
  • d) Validation of findings through appropriate statistical tests.

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Report Contents

  • Reports provide the following information, product by product:
  • Market size in volume;
  • Market structure by end-user segment (public and private);
  • Market shares of leading suppliers (as % of volume);
  • Market size in value (in Euro at market prices).
  • Reports are supplied to customers in electronic format.


The service is updated annually.


  • The price structure is two-tiered and includes a flat fee and a unit price per product. Discounts are offered for those clients wishing to subscribe for several years. Subscription costs are payable annually.

International Developments

  • We plan to extend the service to major EU countries - Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain - as from 2012. These four countries, together with France, represent over three-quarters of the European medical market.


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